Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What a Surprise!

Our Operations Manager just popped me that he has a problem reading a CD on his laptop.  So naturally, I presume that the lens is dirty and I called my newly hired IT Support guy (hired him today) asking him "do you know how to clean a cd/dvd lens?" because I want to test him and teach him if he does not know.  And he said yes.  I asked him, how?  And he smiles and very shyly told me in a very low voice while covering his mouth something I did not caught in the first place.  I asked him again, "what is it?".  And he said, clearer this time "condom".

That took my entire attention.  I use small drip of water just enough to make it seep inside the lens, and then a perforated edge of a newspaper to sip out the water.  Alcohols will destroy the lens if applied repeatedly. Cotton buds will leave fibers inside that eventually will destroy the lens.  CD cleaners out in the market also cannot clean worse lens problem.  Water and newspaper is proven to be effective.  But condom?  I think there is a merit in this case as condom is made of materials where "dirts" would stick. :-U

What a surprise! :-)

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  1. Some said that lubricant in condoms works best in cleaning DVD Rom lens. But isn't it nasty? :p