Friday, June 8, 2012

Lessons in Life, or is it?

Well I realize that I am being serious lately so I decided to write some things that may lighten up my blogs.  And also to counter the new look of my header here which seems to reflect me in a no-nonsense mood, LOL!

Some people wonder why my vocabulary seems to be ample for a Filipino who never went anywhere except in the Philippines and now here in Papua New Guinea. Well here is the reason:

We are living before in a barrio where electricity is still a thing of the future and we only use Coleman or wicker oil lamp at night.  However, when we transferred to the city at the age of 3, I was able to watch Ernie and Bert, Kermit the frog, Big Bird and some more characters and that is where I slowly learn English words and learned how to count from 1 to 10.

At the age of 5, we wen't back to the barrio; and I can't believe Sesame Street has not taught me everything!  Because I realized that after the number 10, there are some more which is Jack, Queen and King.  Even 1 is also sometimes called Ace.  Drat! (I learn those after watching my cousins play a game of cards). And so I also learn another word - 'synonyms'.

Then I became obsessed more on finding about things.  One of which is trying to find why an object is called that.  And here are some of my self-made conclusions, LOL!

a.  Butterfly - is actually a misnomer. I believe that during the early days, when settlers of new territories asked the natives what that beautiful insect is called, they said FlutterBy!  Because it flutters by.  Later, when they are about to write the name, they cannot remember it and someone says, "Aha! I remember now...." and the rest is history.

b.  Computer Mouse - well I have posted this inside Foxite but for those who hasn't read this yet...

When it was first introduced and proposed to be used as integral part of Xerox 8010 Star Information System in 1981, the design actually includes two pointy ears at the edge of the left and right buttons. And when xerox management asked the inventor what his device is called, he blurted "pussy" (because it resembles a cat). The xerox management looked hard in the eyes of the inventor and said....

"Please cut those two darn ears and let us call it a mouse!"

c.  Computer Motherboard - this is simply because the first manufacturer is from Japan and not from Germany.  If it is, we will know it now as FatherBoard.  (Just kidding guys!).   Nah, the reality is because we insert some cards inside that board.

Actually, I am using this style in explaining things to others so they can remember those easier.  Let us take a look on how I explain things to some of my fresh graduate staff here.  Would you believe that some are really new and didn't even know what the computer parts are called?  Well here is how I train them to remember:

a.  Why is Floppy disk called floppy?  Because it is so thin it flops in your hands.
b.  Why is Micro-Floppy (1.44) disk still called like that when it is already hard?  Because the disc inside is still thin and can flop in your hands.
c.  Why is Keyboard called that?  Because it is a board with many keys.
d.  Why are screens sometimes called Monitor?  Because you can monitor things there.
e.  Why is a computer called Desktop?  Because it is on top of the Desk.
f.  And laptop? Because it can stay on top of the lap
g.  Palmtop?  Because it can stay on top of you palm

Actually here is where the idea of the story of the mouse above came to me.

And it will go on and on until suddenly I will ask?  Why is Condom called that?  Silence........ Because Dirty Old Men (DOM) uses that to "con" young girls.  And when, again, the top management asked the inventor what his invention is called, he (again) blurted "DOMCON"!  Well would you believe, the top management also looked hard in the eyes of the inventor and said "Let us reverse the name and call it condom instead!"

At the end of the day, I always ask, What is the lesson we learned here?

Well it is to try to learn at the early age, be more observant and not to take things too seriously! LOL!


  1. Nice post and the things about the words speaking in today life and how they are generated from the point they are used to is great.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Never saw this before, this is was a good lesson, very informative and funny, great sense humor man, keep going, thanks for sharing