Saturday, September 1, 2012

ssTitleBar Theme 10

Since I already created theme 10 for ssButton, it is natural that some of my subscribers will request the same for ssTitleBar, especially if they are using ssSkinner's capability to skin, not only the title bar, but objects inside the form.

For those who are not familiar with ssSkinner, that is the spinner on the left side of ssTitleBar where you can spin and optionally change colors of other objects inside the form, be it ssClasses or native VFP objects.  ssSkinner can also be used by itself (not attached to ssTitleBar) if you like to have skinning on the ply capability even while using ssClose series.

The problem I have in creating themes is that while a titlebar is just a small bar, that is also exactly where the problem lies.  It is very hard to design an appearance with just that small strip of a bar that will make it different with other themes existing on an OS or with those I already have done in the past.  Finally I believe I have created some new look acceptable for Theme 10:

And just to spice it up plus show how ssSkinner works, I employed skinning ability via that ssSkinner class.  So when you spin it up or down, aside from ssTitleBar morphing color, it also changes the backcolor of the form as well as ssButton4 used here.

Will update subscribers again later.  There are some more enhancements done as well on ssExcelPivot class which subscribers will love.