Friday, November 9, 2012

Download Andriod Apps to your Desktop

I guess most of you do not need this because some countries are paying very cheap on internet services plus have very fast connections.  Not here in the country where I am working now though because here in Papua New Guinea, we pay by kilobytes.  So while an app can be downloaded free from the internet, it is still very expensive for us because we are charged per kilobytes downloaded.  And it is not cheap.  My USD 5 load can be easily consumed by downloading 2 to 10 free apps (depending on the size) from the Android market.

How I wished then that I can download an Android Application to my desktop instead of my tablet (I have Xoom) or my phones (I have Samsung Galaxy Note and MyPhone A8108) because we have unlimited internet access, albeit still slow, in the office.  So I can reinstall it later over and over again to some of my devices as well to my friends'.

Lucky for me, and for others out there who may have the same dillema like mine, Redphx has released a Google Chrome extension known as APK Downloader which does exactly like that.  The link is here:

Follow the instructions because you will need to disable SSL error warnings for it to work properly.  It is very simple and straightforward though.  Plus on your Andriod devices, you also need to tick "Unknown Sources" to allow installation of those APK not directly from the Android Markets but from somewhere within your SD Card.  Once you finished installation, then you can untick it back again if you like.

Just an added note, APK Downloader Chrome extension do not violate any law because it only allows you to download free apps in the market.  The sole purpose is so you can download it to your computer for later installation to your andriod devices.

Now, the next question will be is "Where to get those Free APKs that can be downloaded straight to your desktop?".  And I have tried several sites yesterday but for me this is the best site because it is like the Google Store itself, with images of the app and descriptions.

As a side note, Xoom Tablet though blocks transferring of APKs into it. But that restriction can be easily circumnavigated even without the need to root it.  I won't teach here though how to do that for fear I may unintentionally broadcast a very simple bug in their system, LOL!.  But it can be done, use your imagination.  Cheers!


  1. Hello Jun,

    thanks for the tip.

    Or let Android apps RUN on your pc, see

    Best regards

  2. That also looks cool! Problem though on my end is it requires 2GB RAM and mine is only 1.99GB, 1MB I guess is shared on my video. I will test it one time on my personal laptop.

    Thanks for this Tip as well Tom!

  3. Hey Jun

    I don't have an android but I can download without a problem using Firefox and no add-on needed. I just click on the "Download" button and because no app is associated with the .APK extension, FF asks me what to do and so I say save. Done.

    1. Hey yeah! I discarded Firefox before because Chrome seems to be faster between the two. So I have not tested site onto FF and it do can download without that APK downloader.

      Google Play though is still locked.

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