Friday, February 1, 2013

ssButton is back!!!

If you observe, I have ssButton3 & 4 in the library but no ssButton (1 & 2).  That is because those are tied up with   As I am very busy these days, I cannot move outright those other classes from the old sandstorm36 library to ssClasses.  But, I was able to move this one now.  And by moving, I don't mean simply dragging and dropping the class and subclasses from the old library to the new one.  No, I have to recreate codes because I really wanted ssClasses to run on its own without the need for that outside  In addition, I performed some more cleanups with the original codes plus has separated the images into a custom class.  

To make the long story short, here now is ssButton class with 10 themes and 6 colors to choose from.  I also changed some old themes with new looks as well.  Further, I added in the sample demo portion of the codes shown in editboxes just so you can follow how to use the class easily.  I won't show much images anymore here, anyway when you download the library you can play with it and see those yourself.  

For comparison, shown below are ssSwitch with Theme 18 and native VFP checkbox.  Enjoy!


  1. Hello Jun,
    Your button icon is very nice. What's the icon set name?

  2. The button or icon? The buttons, I design those myself. The icons, normally those are combinations of two or more images I clean and combine from different images I see here in Web and are now bitmaps. I forgot though where I got those source images for icons now.