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Give Hope, Give a Hand, Change Lives

News Update:  April 7, 2015

LN-4 will be in Davao, Gensan and Koronadal, Philippines;  in June of 2015 with the goal of giving out 100 to 150 hands. They are also seeking donations to help finance airfare, hotel and food for the team.   Any interested parties may contact the group (see How to Reach LN-4 Foundation Philippines section below)

Inbetween my work, foxite forum, posting some humor to make some people laugh at FB, I was surprised when someone suddenly popped me up on my mobile phone yesterday via fb messenger.  Said someone introduced herself as a friend of my niece on my cousin and that she is trying hard to reach her, was not able to on that moment and searched for a relative instead in the hope of reaching her outright, then found my fb account and popped me.

The purpose of the message, I later realized is about her desire to include her friend (my  niece) among the possible list of recipients of a so-called LN-4 Foundation.

Being polite and as her claim is to help my cousin's niece, I answered some of her questions.  But when she began asking me about some personal info pertaining to my relative, I was suddenly on guard.

In these days of hardships, there are new scams now and then in my country (my Mom has been a victim herself once of a dugo-dugo gang scammers where a material portion of her savings were lost); so while in conversation, I began the process of slowly prying out some information which can help me decide whether the concern is genuine or just a scam.  And at the same time using the power of internet, I took a short investigation.

In just a few minutes, I found the Philippine-based organization she mentioned to me, reached the persons listed as officials there, briefly skimmed some posts on their wall (they have FB account), and decided to seek permission to post their cause here.

So what is this about?

This is about spreading further the news about Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, a non-profit organization spearheaded by Ernie Meadows and the late Margie Meadows who passed away late last year.

Brief Histories

LN-4 Foundation

LN-4 is actually "For Ellen, reversed), the daughter of industrial designer Ernie Meadows and his late wife, Margie.  Ellen died young at an early age of 18 in a vehicular accident.  The purpose of the Foundation is to provide, as a gift, prosthetic hands for those who were injured by landmines, work accidents, electricity, acts of violence or a congenital condition; in different parts of the worlds. 

For a more thorough reading, I will refer you to these:

LN-4 Foundation Philippines

Began in September of 2014 in the country and is currently based in Panay Island.  It is spearheaded by these people as Ambassadors to the Philippines:

  • Grace Cabato, the LN-4 Director for Team Philippines 
  • husband Rey Cabato, the Deputy-Under Director and Expediter
  • Rease Wold, the Deputy Director 
  • wife Liza Wold as Secretary
  • Marlone & Agustin Cartagena  

Prior to LN-4 establishment in the Philippines, Rease Wold, a retired US Air Force personnel, married to Liza Wold, a former Child and Youth Program Assistant at Fort Lewis Army Base Child Care Center; was originally approached by a friend to help supervise a Non-Government Relief operation for the victims of Yolanda Typhoon under the name PRAY (Provincial Relief Aide for Yolanda), a name concocted by Rease Wold himself.  And with the help of the Philippine Army, some more institutions and volunteers in the Philippines, said non-profit organization were able to reach desolate areas requiring the much needed help.

During said time is when they met The LN-4 Director for Philippines, Grace Cabato.   Grace (was a charge nurse in the Medical ICU at the Queens Medical Central in Honolulu) and Rey Cabato (Retired US Navy) who have their roots in Dao, Capiz, now residing in Hawaii; learned that their baranggay is being overlooked on the relief mission for Yolanda victims.  So they decided to personally fly back to Philippines as volunteers themselves to hand out relief goods.  And that is the time the Cabatos and the Wolds path crossed.  Later, LN-4 Foundation Philippines was born and started providing joy to countless citizens who needs those prosthetic hands.

Here is a brief article about this:

Psychological Impact

I was once in a vehicular accident myself.  In my teens, I used to ride a Yamaha Enduro 125 motorcycle and said accident broke my femur (thigh bone) in half.  Finding myself lying in the asphalt road and feeling something is wrong in my feet, I lifted it up and my knee fell to my chest. My thigh was broken in half.  Being a realistic person, I prepared myself outright to a possible amputation.  Luckily it never reached that stage that while my femur's growth is somewhat distorted inside, I can walk now without a noticeable limp (though in reality the right foot is a bit longer now than the other).

During the time of recuperation, I became so irritated.  I got angry for nothing and is constantly on a high voice.  When after my mom cried (I am still single back then), I realized my mistakes, apologized and explained to her the psychological impact of losing something that we normally don't pay much attention to; like simple act of walking.  Heck, I dreamt constantly during those times that I am running and it felt sooo good that I'll wake up with a smile on my lips; then the reality hits me and I am back to my sour but more controlled mood!  So in a way, I can empathize to the hardships that our fellow feel without one or two hands.

And in this regard is why I wanted desperately to write this up here, the main purpose is for my readers to be made aware that there is this organization who are tirelessly and selflessly giving away free prosthetic hands for those in need. And like what their slogan says, they are giving hopes to those who need a hand, literally.

How to Reach LN-4 Foundation Philippines

What is more admirable is that said organization is requesting anyone to help them find recipients for their artificial hands.  So if you have someone in mind, then there are two ways to reach them:

- Via Facebook:
- Via Mobile:  contact their secretary/webmaster, Liza Wold, at (0917) 301-9101 or (0918) 657-1021

Let us all help spread the news!  While this write-up is focused on the Philippine sector, please check again their main webpage at, to know if now your country is currently on their list. Anyone who knows of someone who needs a prosthetic hand, feel free to contact the above.

Special Thanks to Menaya Samar who upon learning of this foundation, has done her best to to reach my cousin's niece; braving a possible distrust on the good intention upon doing so. As well as to her friend Jing Faren Leonardo, who shared her the news and asked her to think of someone who might need a prosthetic hand.  Special thanks also to countless volunteers working behind the scene on LN-4 Foundation and some more non-profit organizations.  More power to you guys!

"Be thankful for what you have. You have no idea how many people would love to have what you got"

 Michelle Villaflor Amante

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