Wednesday, December 30, 2015

DTPickerX (new)

February 4, 2017 Update:
  • Minor adjustments on class when used on Grid via its ControlSource property.
  • Added a greyed out icon for calendar on its Disabled status

January 2017 Updates:
  • Fixed days on Spanish Language
  • Added Hotkeys for faster navigation
  • Fixed display bug when class is programmatically switched to nLevel = 1 (Monthly).  It should only show the Month and Year, e.g., Jan 2017 instead of a date.
February 8, 2016 Updates:
  • Introduced Localization via .Language property (0=Indonesian, 1=English, 2=Italian, 3=Spanish, 4=Turkish, 5=Romanian).  For other subscribers who hasn't submitted me yet the equivalent of days and months on their local language, please submit to me.  I also need the local word for "Today".
  • Fixed bug on improper end of month that happens when we click on the month picker.


So what is this latest class that is also now part of ssUltimate?

DTPickerX is a unique DateTime picker.  Unique in its look and unique in its functions.  Right now it has three levels via nLevel property:

  • nLevel = 1  (Month and Year picker)
  • nLevel = 2  (Date, Month and Year picker)

  • nLevel = 3 (or any other values, full date and time picker)

The class auto adjusts based on the nLevel property value (default is 2)

Return Values:
  • .Value = is the date value
  • ._BOM = is the beginning of the month value
  • ._EOM = is the end of the month value
  • .cTime = is the military time portion in character type, e.g., 16:35 
  • ._DateTime = is the complete DateTime value
  • .nDay = is the numeric day of the date value
  • .nMonth = is the numeric month of the date value
  • .nYear = is the numeric year of the date value

Objects inside the popup form:
  • The calendar control class is adjusted awesome Ony Too's _calendar control class (no need to reinvent the wheel)
  • The MonthYear control class is derived from my MonthPicker form class
  • The Time control class is a new control class consisting of two spinners, one for hour and another for minutes

Why create a new class like this when there are already others out there in the web?

For starter, I want something unique.  Another is I want something that is faster in navigation or date selection.  The combination of the MonthYear class makes it possible as you can easily spin or scroll the year up and down plus select a corresponding Month way much easier and faster than the existing date pickers out there.  Plus I wanted something that can have the time as well.

So there you are, the latest awesome addition to my classes inside ssUltimate.  Subscribers will be updated next year.  Cheers!

How to be a Subscriber?

Interested in being a part of ssUltimate Subscribers and users?  Email me on ss.classes.jun at for several subscription payment options.  For new subscribers starting January 2016, subscription fee will now be USD 35.  The library comes with a demo project, source code included.  Subscription fee is one time payment and subscribers receive free update now and then.

Where do those subscription fee go?

I maintain a separate account for that.  Majority of those funds are stuck inside paypal at the moment pending linking of a visa card from me (I haven't taken the time to do that yet since I started ssClasses).  So I cannot withdraw those.

These subscription fees are my funds in assisting other contributors on the web who are sharing their tools, in assisting some forums, and in contributing to Wikipedia (c'mon guys, let us help wikipedia, they need funds).  

Most of the funds are set aside to contribute to flood victims in the area where I live in the Philippines.  A little portion I give to my sister as a gift for her effort in getting those via Western Union (my preferred payment these days), the rest she holds for future donations to flood victims per my request.  None goes to my own pocket.  None used for my own expenses.  

By subscribing, you get an awesome tool, and you are likewise helping others who are in need through me (flood victims).  Though we remain anonymous when we do so. So don't be thrifty! :) 

Next Update to Subscribers

After I posted what's inside ssUltimate library, I have updated existing subscribers.  And sends the same to new subscribers.  The next update will be on January 2016.  

This was not included because I have not thought of this one yet during that time.  While I have tested this new class to my satisfaction, I will still have to do some further testings.  I have more plans for new features of this class.

For a list of what's inside ssUltimate library, check this out:

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