Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why I am never a Loyalist (a Political Issue)

While I do not want to involve politics on my blog, I will make an exception for these thoughts; hoping it can reach more of my countrymen.

I am not a loyalist, never was and never will be, even with du30 no matter how good I see he is.  Because most of the times being a loyalist clouds a person's perspectives, and that I won't let happen to me.   Studying du30's character, he does not want it too.  He wants people to correct him if he is making a mistake too.

I don't want to be a loyalist for my need to see the good and acknowledge the faults.  The same way I like my friends and family members to see and treat me too.  Then to balance those visible actions out to build a more accurate composition and assumption of a person's character.

I can never be a loyalist because I don't and will never blindly follow anyone without analyzing the implications of a move.

The problem with us, Filipinos, is most of us has this personality disorder (yeah it is a disease) of following blindly a leader, from the baranggay level up to the highest position.  "Sabi ni kapitan, sabi ni boss tsip, gawin daw natin yan!"  "Hindi ba bawal yan?"  "Walang bawal bawal, sagot ni kapitan at konsehal yan".  How I wish we should learn to question and oppose our leader if what he/she is doing is wrong.  Hey, nobody is born perfect so learn to acknowledge their mistakes, and oppose those.

Another problem that I see is we filipinos are in awe of those in power thinking of them as "royal bloods" and that leads to us ourselves enabling them to build political dynasties.  Once a person was voted to hold a higher position, we gave them more powers by also voting for their family members to hold other positions in the government too when they decided to run because the thinking is they are "entitled" or mostly suited than others to do that; again because of that royal blood mentality.

We also view the politics like a beauty contest where popularity is a major factor.  And this resulted to some movie actors/actresses holding key government positions.  I am not saying they are not capable to hold those positions as there are some who has the interest of their community at heart like Gov. Vilma Santos; to name one. I am just saying that we based hugely our casting of votes on popularity, not even minding to do a research on a candidate.

With this attitudes of ours,  political dynasties of families are born on parts of the country (Josons, Marcoses, Umalis, Ampatuans, Binays, Aquinos; to name a few).  Later we come to regret this but it is too late.  Later we shout at the abuse we get.  And whose fault is it anyway?

Most of you forgets that they (government officials) are elected to "serve" the country and its people and not to be "revered" as the almighties.  And that we should be more in power and has the right to question their wrong actions.

I am never a loyalist  as I can easily see beyond facades, beyond sweet talks and empty promises during election time.  Because I don't easily believe in words but look at existing and previous works.

Having said, as this write up has been spawned by my post of Marcos' accomplishments, I came into conclusion long time ago that Filipinos have been deceived by cries of oppression and how bad martial law is.  Because when I put  the next governments in comparison, I saw only more rampant corruptions and sweet talks with the later regimes.  I saw that those self-claimed victims of martial law are the ones who have benefited the most on the next regimens, financially and politically; massively.

And since they enjoy fully those benefits, they continue to use until now the bad side of marcos' regime as propagandas to hold us in our necks forcing us to look only on what they want us to see.  Not surprisingly because if and when you look around and compare their achievements, collectively all of them lack in comparison with what the late Marcos has done.  Way way down below.

What makes me angrier is they are aided by paid and bias medias, just to continuously misdirect the attentions of the citizens so we will only focus on the "bad sides" of marcos.  These sleight of hands should stop.  I urge everyone, when they start shouting about the past, look instead in the current and see what they've done.  Doing so will lift the fog that is hiding their own corruptions, malpractices, and non-accomplishments & very poor jobs.  The things they don't want us to see and the reason for misdirection and mind conditioning.

It is not bad to be a loyalist people, but don't be a blind loyalist following your chosen leaders even though when they are wrong.

And finally, I AM A LOYALIST!  My loyalty though is towards my country for I want what is good for it and abhor the bad things they are doing to it.  So I will support those that have proven by actions to have the country's interest by heart.  No matter who he/she is, no matter what parties they are in.

Be a real and proper loyalist my friend.


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