Saturday, January 7, 2017

CalendarX and DTPickerX Enhancements

I can safely claim that my calendar classes can compare with others when it comes to look and navigation speed being all the ingredients of a calendar are all staring the users in the eye (Months, Days and Year). And quite frankly, that is what IMHO makes it unique than others out in the market. And that is what makes my subscribers happy too.


Nevertheless, one of my new subscribers contacted me yesterday and inquired if it is possible to have hotkeys (shortcut keys) as well to navigate faster by keyboard for he is familiar with Quicken calendar which have those.  I said to myself, why not?  That is an improvement if I can think of a way to give those two classes that capability?  So I asked him to give me the hotkeys he is already familiar with.  Here is now the classes with the suggested hotkeys:

Why M for first day of month and moving backward one month later and H for the last day of month and moving one month forward later?  That is because it is easy to remember that M is the first letter of the word Month and H is the last letter, i.e., MontH.

Same as in YeaR.  That is quite ingenious by Quicken to have those hotkeys, if I may say so.  Very easy to remember.

This feature is now available for both CalendarX and DTPickerX classes.

Now, he is familiar with that and users of this library will all be, soon.  But what about other users? How would they remember such?  So I created a new property named _Expanded to allow the calendar portion of the class to be shown "initially" as Expanded (showing hotkeys) or not.  Default is .F.  Regardless of the initial appearance, interactively, users can Expand or Contract the class to show or hide the HotKey guides via clicking on the arrow keys or pressing those (right arrow key to expand, left arrow key to contract).  So they can refer to that guide until these hotkeys become imprinted on their minds then they can ignore seeing that hotkeys guide later.

Date Scoping

Added two (2) new properties named ValueMin and ValueMax.  Simply saying, this will restrict the class within those dates, if used.

Subscribers will be sent the update in a short while, but first I have to double check a new class I am working on called dtPeriod and ensure everything is okay.  For those who are becoming interested in subscribing to ssUltimate, click Contact Me above and shoot me an email.  Cheers!

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