Friday, February 10, 2012

ssPolyClock - a 100% VFP clock widget

Update: February 13, 2012

5 new skins for this class. Skins can be cycled via clicking on the arrows on the lower left of the clock.  Advantages of this class over activex ones are:
  • Works properly with Anchor.  Unlike activex where anchoring pose a little problem (if you don't know how to work around it), this one does not pose any problem with Anchor.
  • Can be skinned on the ply (6 skins to choose from)
  • Can be moved around your form (optional)
  • Can hide digital clock portion (optional)
Here are all skins for now:

That is all for now!


Originally, I gave you a tutorial under weblogs about adding a Graphical Analog Clock ( ) in your form.  That one utilizes a ShockWave Flash animation and is done using SwissMax.

The idea of that clock, as I have said there, plus the way to use it in our form comes from my cousin Glen Villar, my protegee and a proud member of Foxite forum.  Since ssClasses are becoming famous and I was not making any more clock widget, he volunteered to include his PolyClock class among my ssClasses objects and requested that I try to make it look better.  Well here it is now, Glen's PolyClock into ssClasses.

It is called ssPolyClock because the objects here are pure shapes with manipulated polypoints with the exception of the background image which is embedded now into the class.  And I salute my cousin Glen for thinking about this, the first ever (as far as I know) graphical analog clock that is 100% VFP in objects and codes.

Shown above is another widget called ssCalendar under old _Sandstorm36 class.  Do you like it?

P.S.  It appears that Glen is not the original who thought of something like this, LOL!  Let us give a proper credit to Luis Maria Guayan (co-creator of FoxBarCode) who published an Analog Clock running on Polypoints in 2005 (Wow!):


  1. It looks different now. Thanks for including my Analog Clock program to your SSClasses.

    People can also visit my blog for other classes and tutorials that I make.



  2. Welcome. The appearance is different now but the engine is still the same, all your codes. ;-)

  3. Many years ago I also did an analog clock with the Shape object and PolyPoint property

    -- Analog Clock with VFP 9.0 --
    -- Reloj Analógico con VFP 9.0 --

    Luis Maria

  4. Indeed! I was not aware of it Luis as I am not aware of a lot of things before I started blogging, LOL!

    My hats to both of you!