Friday, October 7, 2011

ssClasses Library

ssClasses is now an open source and is part of CodePlex.  The library including the source codes will be made available for download on or before December 31, 2012.


This section is dedicated to show the list of ssClasses objects.  Info here will be updated from time to time as new sub-classes is added or existing ones are enhanced.  Right now, these are the list of what I wanted to include with my latest release of ssClasses objects:

  • ssExcelPivot - is the latest class which gives your app the power to easily create pivot reports inside excel even without having the knowledge to know how

  • ssAnchorSizer - When objects are resized properly via anchor properties, the insides (column widths)  of these 3 objects are left, i.e., grid, listbox, and combobox.  This class complements anchor resizing by resizing as well the insides of those 3 objects mentioned:

    • ssGridSorter - sorts your grid columns in ascending/descending order without the need for users to create their own indexes.  An arrow on the column shows which column has the current sorting and whether it is on ascending or descending order: 

      • ssToExcel - is a class that exports your cursor/table contents into excel, pdf or HTML; complete with headings, filterings, totals, formattings, etc.

        • ssTitleBar - Gives your form a very unique appearance with 6 colors and 9 themes or a total of 54 possible looks.  Colors can be switched anytime and is retained.
          • ssSkinner - a simple spinner class that we can use to control the colors of ssclasses objects like ssTitleBar, ssButton, etc.  This also gives us the ability to change colors of grid's highlightbackcolor, container bacground, etc.  This class is also embedded in ssTitleBar class.

            • ssClose - a very simple Close button on the left side of the screen that glows

            • ssDropCalc - a dropdown calculator class that can show either value or formula.  Transfers result to its own textbox for later easy retrieval.   

            Check it from here:

              • ssPage - a unique looking tab page to replace the native VFP Pages of a pageframe

              • ssCal - a widget looking calendar that adds beauty to your form.  Can perform immediate commands when dates are changed, comes in 6 colors:

              • ssSwitch - a sort of switch that can be used to replace checkbox or optiongroup buttons.  Originally created named Switchbox, this remake of the old class is leaner and cleaner.

              • ssButton2 - The 2nd button class I made that have 63 possible cool looks:
              Update by MK Sharma (March 16, 2012) - now the button changes color on MouseEnter.

                  • ssButton3-  a Microsoft Office 2010 button like with 6 highlight colors:. 
                  • ssButton4 - this one is colored
                    And I realized that in some cases, combining different color groups things properly like this:

                  • ssMonthCal - yet another monthly calendar class. This one absolutely have no image, all are shapes manipulated.
                  • ssPolyClock - Original author is my cousin, Glen Villar.  An analog clock that runs with 100% VFP objects and codes.  Adjusted it to give you a cool looking native VFP clock, the way ssClasses are, now with 6 skins to choose from:

                      • ssGridLock - a class that dynamically locks the left columns of your grid.   

                          ssChkBox - a class we can use replace the boring appearance of a checkbox.  Works almost the same:

                          ssContainer - Is the descendant of my ssConfiner class.  This is just like a normal container class of VFP but with added twist that this is better looking and has a sort of title bar.  Have added another feature which is if you don't put the designed width of the bar, it will auto-compute based on caption:

                          ssTab - This is a new class I am working currently.  This is better than ssPage in that this supports the ability to have icons on the tabs.  Right now it have 4 colors, inactive and active.

                          ssContainer4 - the latest design on my containers.  This one doesn't have any image whatsoever and the shapes are manipulated only by polypoints.  Click the name of the class to see its post.

                          ssOptSwitch - is my version of OptionGroup, only that it uses ssSwitches.  Have 6 themes to expect of:

                          Try clicking a class name to see if a detailed post about it has already been made.


                          1. i like buy, but i need know, if pure vfp code or use api, activex.

                            include all classes in ssclases

                            how i buy, what is price...


                          2. Most are pure VFP codes, some uses winapi. No activex whatsoever. Price is only USD 25 for the whole lot payable via paypal on

                            Once payment is received, you will receive an email of the classes complete with demos.

                          3. Hello
                            Does the price include future enhacemens?

                          4. Hello, Why sscal doesnt be in class ?. thank you. sorry for my english. Carlos

                          5. I have 2 libraries, i.e., _sandstorm36 and _ssclasses. Some of the class are still in the old _sandstorm36 and those are still dependent on which I do not plan to support much further. So I still need to transfer those classes like ssCal to _ssclasses library and make a lot of changes inside. In the future releases, those will be included to _ssclasses.

                          6. jun how are you, where can i get this ms office 2010 button