Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SSCAL Updates/Enhancements

Onwards with the modifications, I have finished last night the changes I deemed necessary to satisfy my taste with SSCAL:

a. Reduced Image Size. Like the SSDTPicker, the calendar I created before is also huge against my taste now so I made it a little bit smaller:

Note: Click on the image to see its real size.

b. Better Colors. I remixed colors both in psd source images and inside VFP. Now take a look at the colors inside the calendar details. They are well blended. Although I have posted yesterday the SSDTPicker image, its inside colors are now also changed (I am feeling lazy in capturing the images again just to update the image sample I posted yersteday). So just be aware that the insides of SSDTPicker now are like these:

Note: Click on the image to see its real size.

c. Added a 3rd switch to show the inside calendar upon initial display instead of the front cover. By default front cover is what is shown. Placing a logical .T. on that 3rd parameter will instruct SSCAL to display the inside calendar upon initial display.

d. Added the ability to show/hide clock on the face. I don't believe that most of us needs that clock so I added a 4th switch for showing or hiding that. Default now is hidden.

e. Added Spinner Year.

f. Added Spinner Month.

g. Added Return to Current Date.

- Please check SSDTPicker Update I have posted yesterday for letters e, f, and g above -

As I have said, once I become free (just like now, a little bit free), I will continuously enhance these "pet" classes of mine and will update the subscribers. Right now, I haven't yet and they are still not aware of these enhancements since I am still thinking of some more to do; but soon they will simply receive emails from me of these updated ones.

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