Tuesday, November 22, 2011


ssTab is the latest on my ssclasses family.  I originally created ssPage before but since I am still new with classes way back then, although the class produces an appealing tab appearance, it is messier and harder to use.

ssTab is better in a lot of ways than ssPage.  It also offers more feature than ssPage.  Here are the parameters of ssTab:

Lparameters cCaption, cToolTip, nTab, cPageFrame, nColor, nStyle, cIcon, nIconStretch, lShowFold, lActiveTab


  • cCaption - is the caption of the tab
  • cToolTip - is the tooltiptext of the tab (optional)
  • nTab - is the tab number of the PageFrame to be binded to ssTab
  • cPageFrame - is the name of the PageFrame to be binded to ssTab
  • nColor - is a numeric color (right now only 1 to 4) to dictate what color of the tab will appear
  • nStyle - is the BackStyle of the tab (1 for Opaque, 0 for Transparent).  This produces extra appearances on ssTab
  • cIcon - is the icon of the tab (optional, use bmp or jpeg; preferably .bmp)
  • nIconStretch - will the icon stretch or not?
  • lShowFold - whether ActivePage (clicked page) shows a folded section on the right or not 
  • lActiveTab - to specify which one of the ssTabs you want to be the Active Tab (and which Page of the PageFrame to start active)
 Right now, here are the possible look of Active ssTab (all with lShowFold = .T.)

Of course, in the future I may create more.

Among the sample given to subscribers is this:


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