Friday, July 15, 2011

ssGridSorter Class

I was creating a lot of grids on my end and as I am rushing to develop a lot of module for my BizCore ERP software I decided to temporarily leave minor features like grids having sorting capability until.... one of my users requested that feature to me.

And so I thought that maybe I can create a small class where all I need to do is drag it in a form and bind the grid(s) that will be given sorting capability. Originally, I wanted it to only have sorting capabilities but I saw that others who have that feature have down and up arrow representing the order. So I added that.

It was okay for my needs where a grid's recordsource is coming from a cursor or table. I was about to share this when I suddenly thought of making the up and down arrows part of the class. Meaning there is no need for me to attach images on the sample I will give here. Finally I found the way to do that and so here now is ssGridSorter for your usage as well.

Using this class is as simple as 1...2...

1. Drag the class to your form
2. On its INIT event, place your settings:

this._Settings( < grid name >, < cursor name > )



As simple as that!

For the current listing of ssClasses, click this link:

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