Thursday, September 29, 2011

ssContainer2 (new)

I don't know what prompted me to create a new container class which will replace ssContainer but that is what has happened.  Maybe because of the curvature feature that was requested to me to by MK Sharma last time or maybe some other things.  But the outcome I deem is nice.  Take a look at how ssClasses affects the appearance of a form.  Shown below is a form with standard objects  only (with the exception of Ony Too's datepicker class):

And this is how it looks like with just the ssTitlebar class and the new ssContainer2 class:

ssContainer2 has 7 colors right now.  It also has 6 possible positions as controlled by nPosition Parameter:

Here is a sample form where ssContainer2 is used:

Above images use ssTitleBar themes 8 &  9.  For a brief history of my title bar class, it started with mimicking Vista, Chrome, Clear Looks and other more title bars; until I decide to create my own designs to make ssClasses truly unique.  ssTitleBar is an improved version of ssTBNextGen class as it is embedded with a spinner to easily switch colors on the spot.  Said color is retained by the class following the proper naming convention of a form, meaning don't leave it as Form1.

So there you go!  The newest member of the growing family of ssClasses (next post will be about ssButton3).

Update: 17, November 2011:

If you leave the class' nWidth as empty or put zero (0) in it, then the class will auto-calculate the width based on the caption, its font name and size.

For the current listing of ssClasses, click this link:


  1. thanks for your classes

    ssContainer2, there's wrong color when i use skinner in ssTitlebar.
    when i use it, i correct the color with this command:

    thisform.ctnPeriode._settings ([Laporan Periode], 120, Iif (This._color = 2, 4, Iif (This._color = 4, 2, This._color)), 1, , , , , , , , , , ,)

    1. Yes, please adjust some of my classes. I created those one at a time so sometimes I forgot to make some things uniform. Like colors plus in some class where theme comes first then next color and in others color comes first then theme.