Thursday, September 29, 2011


ssTitleBar is my final design for a title bar class. This does not mean though that the themes shown here will be the final ones.  From time to time, I still get the urge to create new looks or themes.  This class is the successor of my early title bar classes up to ssTBNextGen.  History of those can be seen in some of my early posts including this one:

The major difference between those early classes and this now is that ssSkinner is embedded here to give users the ability to hot-skin (change color any time) the title bar.  Below is my favorite theme, theme 8:

And here are the other themes I previously created:

You may wonder maybe why I created ssTitleBar when what is currently in the market now is Glass Title Bars.  The answer to that is I wanted my forms to be unique and totally independent of an OS Theme.  It will not matter if you will be running XP, 7, 98 or any other OS.  The appearance of my forms will be uniform, not to mention that VFP Projects powered by ssClasses will really be unique.

Another side-feature that ssTitleBar class has is that unlike the standard Title Bar, you can put objects on top of it like command buttons, a clock maybe, a printer icon or label maybe?   Well actually it is up to you what you wanted to do with this later...

For the current listing of ssClasses, click this link:

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