Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Best Excuse Letter Ever!!!

Just a few months back I created my facebook account because of requests by my relatives.  While I originally do not wish to do so because I am already busy with the forum, my ssClasses library, as well as work in the office; I created one for them.  And saw this letter the other day tagged by a friend.

When I read this, I cannot help but really laughed hard especially here in Papua New Guinea where all sorts of excuses are used.  They are even killing their own relatives, as an excuse "Sorry Boss, Mama Blong Mi Dai".  Later, I will hear that the guy's mother is still living strong and when I question the guy for using that  ugly excuse, he will still try to squirm out of that by saying "Eh Boss, tru! Mama blong mi dai but mi bringim long marasin man long ples bilong mi na disla marasin man putim long hap hens blong em na mama blong mi openim ays  blong em na naw orait!".  Translation of pidgin to english "Eh Boss, it is true!  My mother died but then I brought her to a (quack) doctor in our village and this doctor has waived his hands over my mom, and my mom suddenly opens her eyes and is now alright!".  It is true, someone has used that excuse to me! LOL!

Proper Fonts for dot-matrix printers

I have been wrestling with finding a proper font for quite a while now for my dot-matrix printing needs utilizing a POS printer which I decided to use for our Trip Ticket and Fuel Voucher issuances.  The usage of a POS printer appeals to me because it saves money, paper, ink and time because there is never a need to cut a paper into several portions anymore, but the fonts I used to print those do not appeal to me.

Here is the output using Tahoma:

While the output is clear, simply looking at the colons you can immediately notice the alignment is not proper, and that is because Tahoma is a graphical font.  Not to mention that it prints slower because it has more DPIs (Dots Per Inch) than the DOS fonts.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

ssExcelPivot Enhancements

ssExcelPivot class  is among my underrated or maybe I can say the most underrated class of _ssClasses library.  But this is in fact one of the best and useful class I have created so far.  After I created this class, creating top managerial reports has never been soooo easy for me.  What does this class do?

ssExcelPivot class  is that simple small insignificant looking button as shown below (ssButton4) that can create instant pivot reports in excel with ease.  Its power lies with creating these reports with just a few switch, which is what you cannot do with any crosstab utilities or even when designing reports via .frx way.  Shown is the sample form given to subscribers, data coming from VFP Samples directory:

It creates 12 sample pivot reports in Excel (in my sample) just to show how things can be easily done.  However, you can create more than that, even hundreds of different format, styles, etc.  At the very bottom is Create Your Own Report which allows user the ability to create a pivot report in excel of their own choosing.

I said it is easy to use this.  So I will show below codes inside the sample form I give to subscribers.  First of all, create a cursor to serve as its recordsource:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Capture Portion of Image from Webcam

Are you interested in having something like a small application that captures an image from a webcam?  Just like when we get our driver's license where we simply stand on one side  then the operator says "hold still..." then later gives a thumbs up sign?  When the driver's license card is presented to us, we see that our face is snapped and cropped so it fits properly on said license.

Is this hard to do with VFP?  Not if you know where to look for tools already shared to us by others.