Wednesday, November 30, 2016

RTF Keyword Highlighting

In 2009 I started playing with an RTF control and I created one organizer for my own need to store articles and any other useful info I can find in the web for later offline reading and reference.  I decided to do that because most of the time we don't have good internet here.

Well I was reworking the previous days on that old DevOrg app which consisted of a treeview and an RTF activeX controls as I decided to finally give it a filtering capability, insertion of image with rescaling and quality reduction, reworking the icon panel to look like a ribbon, etc.; and along the way, I thought of allowing it to highlight the words I typed to filter the threads and nodes of treeview.  So I can see outright where those are, like this:

The trick is to work behind the scene on its RTF codes. Here is the method I created for that:

Monday, November 14, 2016

HoverButton Class

Another button class for my need which may come handy to my subscribers as well.

So why make another one?  What is the main difference with this one vs say ButtonX?

On my BizCore ERP app, I use TreeView for my menu as I can easily control there what can be shown per user by hiding/removing nodes they should not be of concern.  See ERP app below:

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tick/Untick Checkboxes on Grid with AllowCellSelection = .F. - Part II

Last time I have shown how to employ ticking/unticking of checkboxes on Grid with AllowCellSelection = .F. via utilizing MouseDown event of Grid.  So what makes this different than the first trick?  The first trick relies on Relative Column of Grid.  And this poses a problem when the columns are reordered via dragging into new position as Relative Column  will then change.

So it is not that foolproof and only will work when you don't rearrange the column orders.  This one though fixes that as this is no longer based on the relative column's position but will be basing on the ControlSource of that column.

Here is the sample code: