Friday, October 5, 2012

ssExcelPivot Fixes & Enhancements

Fixed scrolling problem. Originally, when you click on the scrollbar, the class automatically assumes you are planning to do a drag and drop and repositions your mouse pointer into the topmost portion of the grid.  So scrolling can only be done before via clicking on the grid and using the mouse scroll.  Fixed that now.

Improved drag and drop.

Applied recent themes on ssSwitches.  Removed ssChkBox and replaced it with ssSwitch to give it a better look as well (theme 15).  Gave the popup for creating impromptu pivot reports a new, cleaner and better look.

I will update the subscribers when I come back from SouthWest Fox Convention with hopefully some more adjustments/enhancements. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ssClasses New Features

ssExcelPivot Class

Added backward compatibility tested using Excel 2000 for ssExcelPivot class.

Added Multi-Column values tested under Excel 2007.

For 2000, it will be shown row-wise:

ssSwitch and ssOptSwitch:

Four new exciting themes (Number 13 to 16)