Monday, December 14, 2015

What’s on ssUltimate Library

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Here are what’s inside ssUltimate Library in alphabetical order (from time to time I update the write ups on each link to inform of the enhancements I made).  The library comes with a sample project with demo forms with the following:

  • CloseX - Is another form of titlebar class that gives a unique appearance.  It can have a titlebar or just that plain close button located at the right side of the form
  • DropClock – a dropdown clock.
  • FaderX – a class that when dropped simply on form will turn irregularly shaped objects into transparent.  Can change transparency level on runtime
  • ImgBack – is an image class that when dropped on form, will give it a background wallpaper.   This wallpaper can be changed any time via double-clicking and it will be retained until you change it again.  
  • MonthYear – a class that looks like a command button which shows the month and year.  This was created before I gave dtPickerX the same capability
    • MSOButton – a class that looks like a command button on Office 2010. 
    • PolyClock – an analog clock that can be dropped on form, can be moved, change skins, etc.
    • ScrollTime – is a time control class that scrolls up or down via mouse scroll.  Similar to what mobile devices has
    • StickyX - Another class that can be used to replace editbox with a sticky note look.
    • TimerX - is a time picker based on spinners.  
    • TransparentX – This one simply make the irregularly shaped image used on form instant transparent

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    1. The ssUltimate Ultimate library, is a fantastic way to enable contemporary looking VFP Applications.

      Their creator Jun, is an absolute genius, who on top of which is very helpful.

      I would highly recommend the ssUltimate Library.

      Kind Regards

    2. I've been using DTPickerX and DTPeriod classes from the ssUltimate library in my main application for a couple of months now. These classes look great, work well and integrating into my application was pretty straightforward. Jun is very responsive to feedback and made several improvements to these classes quickly. If you're looking for ways to modernize your application UI, I highly recommend the ssUltimate library.

    3. muy buena la coleccion de las clases y lo mejor es que siempre estan actulizando los controles.
      Una obsercacion para el control de botones, antes en una version ssclases aparecian los botones estilo como salen en los office 2010 como es en el caso de cuando uno desea imprimir en word2010 aparece un boton parecido a los de la clase ssclases pero ahora actualizaron este control para botones y me parece que la forma de los botones de como eran en ssclases para mi es mucho mejor.
      seria eso que se puedan mejorar los botones y que se pueda tener tanto cuadrados y pequeños, yo utilizo muchos los botones en mis sistema pero no puedo utilizar los de esta clase.
      De antemano gracias por contestar, si pueden a mi correo

    4. Hi Sir Jun, i really love your ssUltimate Library! it made my apps looks great!

      You are one of kind! Genius... :)

      Your class Library is highly recommended.



    5. Thank you guys for the great words! I wanted to ensure that all subscribers will be happy using this library.

      @Marcelo, I believe you are talking about ssButton3 which looks like the button for MSO2010 that is included in ssClasses? If you will use that, I can add that too here.

    6. Great job Jun! Your classes are really useful. Thanks to you my productivity has increased.

    7. I have to say that this guy is a genius, he has been helping a lot of people here and there and everywhere, even that, i have to paid for his classes, it really worth, to spend the money on that, as it will help you to make your life easy when programming, you get the advantage of getting a lot of classes, that will help you, w/o you adding a new code, keep going doing the good work Cheers and thanks

    8. Very useful objects which are easy to incorporate. The author is reachable and he tries to take in everyone's suggestions. Very happy I started to use this great library. Well worth the subscription.

    9. SsUltimate is Superb! Thank you for this useful classes. I am Enjoying ExcelPivot, TitleBarX, BottonX, HoverButton, StickyX, ImgBack, xBox.

      Warm regards,

    10. Great Class Library. Very useful specially the "TitleBarx" it gives your system a new looks on the fly.

      I would highly recommend this Class Library.


    11. Mr. Jun! Do you have the following:
      1. Fancy Tab
      2. Tree view with images.


      1. Hi, I do have for the tab. Take a look at ConX class, it can be transformed into a container, a commandbutton and a tab. As for treeview, I do not create a class for that but I do use some for my ERP, see this:

    12. Hi, Jun,

      I just make a payment USD 35, but I don't know how to download the ssUltimate Library. Please send me a note to

      Thanks !

    13. Thank you Tony, got it and sent! I hope like others you will love ssUltimate.

    14. Replies
      1. Sorry, none. When you subscribe, then you'll get the library with demo project. And you'll get free updates after that. It is just a one-time subscription.