Monday, August 10, 2015

Going Barefoot, Health Benefits

Lately I observed that whenever I take a shower, while wet and I reached for the shower knob, I always receives a minor electric jolt, not too much but still disturbing.  When I reported that to my wife, she said she never experienced such, so it appears that is related in my body system and not with the circuitry of the house.

So I started wearing rubber slippers while taking a shower and it worked good for quite a while. Until this morning, I got a much stronger shock when I reached again for the knob to turn the water off, now even while wearing a rubber slipper during the shower.

So immediately upon arriving here in the office, I googled outright what could be causing this severe static electricity problem I have and the possible remedies, if any; as I am sure something is wrong with my current body metabolism.

And that is why I am making this blog to share what I have found out

Electricity Build-Up

As we know, our body is capable of generating electricity and storing those up.  There are numerous reasons for that but the amount of static electricity each of us can store varies on our own metabolism.  Some are very susceptible to it, others not much.  It appears that the more acidic our body is, the greater it can absorb and store electricity.  Or if our blood is thicker, then the same goes.