Saturday, November 10, 2012

Run a VFP app like a Service

Basic definition of a Windows Service is a program with no (or very little) user interface which provides programmatic services on the computer on which it is running. Real services though is registered in Windows' Service Control Manager Database and can be started, stopped, restarted, configured via   the Services mode of the Computer Management Console.

However, if your need is just like mine, i.e., a VFP app continuously running in the background just to do some things for my other app, then this simple demo which does not really put the exe among the Windows Services is enough. What it will do is create a system tray icon to tell you it is running, then run continuously and on a specific time (which I control via passing the time as parameter to make it more flexible) will perform something for you (whatever you want that is possible).

Friday, November 9, 2012

Download Andriod Apps to your Desktop

I guess most of you do not need this because some countries are paying very cheap on internet services plus have very fast connections.  Not here in the country where I am working now though because here in Papua New Guinea, we pay by kilobytes.  So while an app can be downloaded free from the internet, it is still very expensive for us because we are charged per kilobytes downloaded.  And it is not cheap.  My USD 5 load can be easily consumed by downloading 2 to 10 free apps (depending on the size) from the Android market.

How I wished then that I can download an Android Application to my desktop instead of my tablet (I have Xoom) or my phones (I have Samsung Galaxy Note and MyPhone A8108) because we have unlimited internet access, albeit still slow, in the office.  So I can reinstall it later over and over again to some of my devices as well to my friends'.

Lucky for me, and for others out there who may have the same dillema like mine, Redphx has released a Google Chrome extension known as APK Downloader which does exactly like that.  The link is here:

Friday, November 2, 2012

SouthWest Fox DevCon Trip, Through My Eyes!

I came back from this year’s SouthWest Fox DevCon last October 24, 2012 in Papua New Guinea but has to do a lot of fixing and troubleshooting back in several offices first so this delay in posting. Since some of my friends are curious about my experiences with the DevCon, I decided to create this post instead of repeatedly answering their questions one by one, LOL!  What is SouthWest Fox DevCon like, to me?

Well all I can say right now is attending this event has been very fruitful and my experiences very rewarding.  I won’t be too technical yet about these though as I haven’t begin reading thoroughly the white papers that I have received.  So allow me to just sort of tag you along with my journey.

My Time & Money’s Worth!

The main reason why one would want to go to SouthWest Fox DevCon is to learn new things.   But then, attending such convention will require some of your time away from your work or business plus will involve expenses for the trips and the seminars.  It is a given fact.  The main question in most of our minds then would be is “is it worth it?”.  I will say “absolutely” that it is definitely worth every cent and seconds you will pour into attending such conference.  Although Ceil Silver Funds financed my trips, should I be spending my own money then my conclusion will still be the same, it is absolutely worth it!  But make your own conclusions after reading.