Thursday, April 2, 2015

xBox - ssUltimate Subscribers

What is New?

Added ProgrammaticChange event.  Now we can perform, say a new SQL SELECT based on the class' Value or ExtraValue, as we select on the dropdown grid via either arrow keys or mouse click.   Or update related objects on the form based on this class, as we select.  This event is what gets fired when selecting via dropdown grid.

Fixed bug on Enter key suddenly changing value onto a different one via updating _SearchKeys with what is selected on dropdown and moving SelStart position at the end as well.

Fixed bug on the class retaining old _SearchKeys value even when we totally remove the previous entry via backspace or delete keys

For a more thorough learning of this class, see other features and updates of the class up to the point of the shared version:

Unmentioned Trick

One of the things I forgot to mention is that you can return combined field values as its single Value. I do that on my end like this:

Now, when you want to use one of those multiple values it returned, then you can utilize GETWORDNUM().

That capability is on both the shared and per Subscriber versions.