Wednesday, July 15, 2015

xBox, How To..

xBox' Usage, Explained Further

xBox is among my most complicated classes to date due to the fact that I have given this three (3) possible usage.  And a new user is getting confused with it that I decided to rush here explanations on its features as I believe not everyone can easily see, despite my examples shown in codes on the sample form, how the class' different features can be utilized to each developer's advantage.

Take a look at this image below where the class is using the Combo Feature (QuickFill + Popup Grid)

But then, the class is designed to be used as just plain quickfill, plain popup/dropdown grid or that combo.  Explanations follow:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

ExcelPivot (ssUltimate)

I was not with the habit of creating changelogs on my classes but I started lately doing that.  So my subscribers will know what those are without me trying to explain each.

Well the major enhancements with this over the previous revisions are:

  • Faster - by cleaning up further the codes and looking for ways to speed this up further, this now generates Excel Pivot reports by 20% faster as before
  • Added _RepeatLabels property
  • Ensured that Excel output will show as Maximized
  • Added Arrows to quickly clear previous selections (Filters, Rows, Values and Columns)
  • Added option to show or hide Grid Lines on Excel sheet
  • There are more which I failed to log before
  • Bonus to Subscribers, a sample showing how to use additional automation for this class