Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ssUltimate/ssClasses Sample Video

For the first time, I decided to show by way of video how one of my apps look like.  This one is a very small app I called Easy ID Creator which is what I develop to be used here on our end in creating  IDs on-the-ply.  I plan to later  enhance this to be used in Daily Time Recording by scanning the IDs (that is why the barcode) and thereby calculating the employee time; to replace the old Bundy Clock.

I would like to show how it really looks like but I am forced to convert said video from .avi to .wmv format which has lower resolution as uploading of the .avi takes time due to size.  Here though is how it looks near, near because this is likewise a jpeg resized image so it still do not actually show the real appearance.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dynamic Detailed Summary in Report?

Need something like this? At the bottom of the report, a detailed summary based on the entries on the report? 

Surprisingly, this is very easy to do if you know the knobs to twist.   The process and tricks involved is in creating a cursor for your report, generating another cursor out of the first cursor to hold the summary, and finally seeding those back to the original cursor.

Another is by employing grouping to break presentation of the data.  Study the sample data: