Friday, October 4, 2013

Violent Video - Puppy Stomped to Death by three young ladies!

Accidentally, I saw in one of my friends' post in FB this entry
last night using my Samsung Note.  My friend is very angry on a certain video and he said he wanted to spread this so people will know and maybe because of that it will  lead to the eventual arrest of these perpetrators.

Curious, I opened the video and was shocked and sickened with what I saw (I still feel sick to now). I cannot really believe that there are still people that can do this unwarranted, senseless and brutal killing!  Watch it please, you will know what I am talking about.

Also later last night, my wife informed me that this  ( has reached one of Philippines' local news station, ABS-CBN,  and that it was also shown in our news TV according to my co-manager who were able to watch said footage.

Today, I googled and it is reported that youtube has removed said video on their server as it became viral (and maybe is slowing down their servers). But last night, since I am using my mobile note, I opted to download it and watch later so I got a copy of said video.  I transferred it now in my my dropbox public folder to ensure that it will always be available there no matter what youtube does on their end:

Warning!!! Said video is violently sickening and utterly disgusting!

While the video is really sickening to watch, please bear with it.  Or if you can't last like I do, then move the progress bar to the near end so you can see the conclusion.  As for me, I have to bear watching the video again a while ago while composing this, moving it back and forth, so I can just grab the faces of these beasts and post it here!!!!

Whether these girls (and their accomplice(s)) are on drugs, members of cult, fraternity or on any other reason... is totally beyond reason.  They should be haunted down and sent to jail!  The goal of this blog is to help spread this news and hopefully speed up tracing of these wicked people.

Said video will remain in my dropbox forever, and this blog will always be here,   to remind most of us of this incident and maybe I will be able to interest some of my fellow countrymen who might visit my site now and then and spread this further in the Philippines that maybe, hopefully, someone will be able to recognize these girls (and those involved in the act behind the camera) now or in the future, which will lead to their eventual arrest!  Who knows, after a year and someone accidentally has stumbled to my blog for whatever reason may watch it then and recognize these people?  And who knows, maybe these girls are affluent that they may be sent to the West by their families to elude our law?  If you see these girls there, please report them to your authorities as well.