Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why I am never a Loyalist (a Political Issue)

While I do not want to involve politics on my blog, I will make an exception for these thoughts; hoping it can reach more of my countrymen.

I am not a loyalist, never was and never will be, even with du30 no matter how good I see he is.  Because most of the times being a loyalist clouds a person's perspectives, and that I won't let happen to me.   Studying du30's character, he does not want it too.  He wants people to correct him if he is making a mistake too.

I don't want to be a loyalist for my need to see the good and acknowledge the faults.  The same way I like my friends and family members to see and treat me too.  Then to balance those visible actions out to build a more accurate composition and assumption of a person's character.

I can never be a loyalist because I don't and will never blindly follow anyone without analyzing the implications of a move.