Friday, May 11, 2012

More Objects inside a Grid Cell - Part II

May 7, 2014 Note:   If you are reading this, find an alternative way to achieve the same using DynamicFake method approach:


I thought I have explained things well on my first instructions of More Objects Inside a Cell blog because basically that is really it.  However, obviously I left some things which if readers looks closer to the Various Images in Grid Part II blog (BizCore Grid), they will see that the status of the vehicles change colors.  And I never deem it fit to expand the blog about More Objects because that blog is just a prelude of the Various Images I am planning to do next.  Plus I wanted readers to sort of experiment on their side how I was able to achieve that effect of status word changing colors based on conditions; if they like to achieve the same.  Like I said, all the basic ingredients are already on those two blogs.

But then, it appears that not everyone can see through the trick I used to achieve the same.  So based on a request of an ssClasses subscriber inside foxite forum, I decided to create one sample and post it here.  Now you will see how to achieve the same effect inside a cell of a grid with just a few tricks.

You can download the sample form HERE

It also includes an editbox with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the same.



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    1. Hi, I checked just now and it is still there. Please try again.

    2. Dear Sir Your Link is not working

    3. Ok, I changed the link above now. Please click on HERE instead. Thank you Victor and Tanveer for the notice.