Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Update August 16, 2012

Added the ability to pin form(disallow dragging) or not on-the-ply.  This is made possible by adding an ssSwitch inside the class.  You can set up the default whether form is pinned or not via lNoMove parameter and interactively thereafter it can be changed any time.  Here is how it looks like:


I was not suppose to create a new ssClose class but MK Sharma, my first and among my most supportive subscribers, has requested a new ability for ssClose and ssClose2 classes which is to be able to be placed on the right side of the form instead of the left.  Said request/need has risen just because he is using a Menu and his users are accidentally closing his forms instead of clicking the Menu.

However, after receiving said request, I encounter a major problem, i.e., I forget where I saved (if ever I saved) the source PSD file I used for ssClose images.  Darn!  And I cannot simply flip those final images because the word close will be flipped as well.  Drat!

Anyway, also just because of that lapse on my side, I was forced to design a new button.  And since some may have found my ssClose designs appealing on their end, I decided to create this new class instead of replacing the old ones.  Here is the new class:

Aside from this being prettier (my taste) than its ancestor, I decided to add more features for this one.  Here are the new parameters:

LPARAMETERS nPosition, nBorderColor, nBackColor, lTransparent, cHotKey, nBorderWidth, lNoMove, lFixedBorder, nSpecialEffect


  • nPosition = The ability to place this on any of the four corners of the form.  Values are 1=Top Left, 2=Top Right, 3=Bottom Left, 4=Bottom Right
  • nBorderColor = The ability to change bordercolor, values from 1 to 7
  • nBackColor = The ability to change backcolor, values from 1 to 7
  • lTransparent = The ability to make the backcolor transparent, thus, allowing the backcolor of the form to be used (good when you are using Cesar's gradients). Values of .F. or .T.
  • cHotKey = The ability to specify hotkey (optional)
  • nBorderWidth = The ability to specify your own borderwidth (default is 1)
  • lNoMove = The ability to pin the form (cannot be moved).  Default is .F. or movable
  • lFixedBorder = The ability to disallow resizing form via dragging the edges.  Default is .F. or allow moving
  • nSpecialEffect = The ability to change the inside border's effect, values are 0=Raised (Default), 1=Sunken, 2=Flat 

So while you love my ssTitleBar, ssClose and ssClose2; you will love this more!  Here are the actual usage on my forms: