Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ssClasses issue on cCleaner

A subscriber has been repeatedly requesting me for a major update on how ssClasses works just because one (or some) of his clients have cCleaner on their machines and said cCleaner is beating the crap out of ssClasses because most users are likewise ticking the temp folder to be among those it will clean.  And temp folder is where I decided to send images needed by ssClasses for two reasons:
  1. It is "never" restricted to the current user
  2. It is a place to store 'craps'.  You can think of the images of ssClasses as crap if you wish
But due to that constant cleaning done by users of cCleaner, then in some cases with the current design of the library, needed images for some of the classes like buttons, switches, etc.; might not appear properly on first run of your app.  Succeeding runs will have no problem.

How to solve that problem then?  

Simple!  Just exclude the folders used by ssClasses to those that will be cleaned by cCleaner:

Or yet a simpler way would be is to exclude file types based on extension.  ssClasses uses two unique extensions which is skz and skx.  So just add *.skz and *.skx and that is it!

It goes to the same notion that when antivirus software are affecting our VFP apps, then the solution will likewise be the same, i.e., add our app to the list of Exclusion.


  1. after clean with ccleaner, sscontainer won't show theme

  2. Yes, that is why I showed above the way to avoid that. Exclude files with extensions:

  3. thanks for share.