Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Uglier can a VFP app get?

Been gone for quite a while now doing admin and other managerial jobs lately and I felt I am loosing my grip on developing but every time I think of doing it, my mind sorts of auto shuts down, LOL!  I guess that is what normally happens when you have plenty other things to think of.

Anyway, I looked for something that can entice me and lure me back into developing and GUI designing and I found it in my Assets Masterfile module which image I have posted before under Various Images on a Grid blog.  Now, I wanted to change that grid into an HTML Browser instead for smoother scrolling effects.  That is the start and then I decided to make it more looking like a website maybe?

Among the influence on this new GUI design is my recent establishment of itMinds.  While eventually we will cater to other services, my team right now is working on www.aaazenag.com.pg website development project.  Plus when me and Glen decided to create itMinds, I decided to invite two young guys from my country whom I know are good on images, fellow foxite members Daryll and Victor.  I told them to design the appearance of www.itminds.com.ph (our domain) saying "impress me!".   Because I want to see their touch so to speak.  And they did show their capabilities and I am indeed extremely impressed with my team.  If you are curious to know who those people are, check itMind's Who We Are section.

Two of them are contributors on ssPolyClock class.   For those who don't know and is using ssClasses, ssPolyClock is originally designed by my cousin Glen Villar which I simply made into a class then created skins for that.  Later Daryll Bautista  designed some more latest skins.

I am done with the new version of this module and has created a video of it so you can see it better and maybe get some ideas on designing some of your modules the same way.  In case you will be wondering what recipes I used, here are those:
  • ssClasses/ssUltimate (priority, of course, LOL!)
  • Windows 8 tiles (thanks to Bernard Bout for this wonderful class)
  • GDI+ (thanks to Cesar and Mike Gagnon for the codes they shared)
  • HTML Browser (thanks to Cetin Basoz for sharing the sample I used as basis)
  • and some more...
Combining those, here is how it ends up:

And here is the downloadable video of that. Seeing it live is, of course, better than stationary images.

I hope this gives you further ideas on how to make your apps very appealing to look at and use.

If you wish to implement the same, all of those libraries and classes are downloadable in codeplex plus samples seen in Foxite. Now back to admin matters..... maybe I will be able to post again in a couple of months. Cheers!  :)

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