Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Working on Invisible Objects

I remembered this is another trick I use on my end (mostly in connection with ssToExcel and ssExcelPivot classes) and some may not know that this can be done so here it is.

When I designed both classes, I am still working back then with ssButton series.  While I still sometimes use those, now I prefer mostly ButtonX of ssUltimate library which I started working on after I shared ssClasses in CodePlex; the purpose is to give my subscribers an edge for the monetary contributions they gave me (later I will start showing here the new classes on that new library)

Having said, ButtonX is cleaner, and has improved codes and looks than its ancestors ssButton series.  As I keep on designing buttons, switches and other things over the years on Photoshop, I believe I was able to slowly refine the new looks for those classes.  And so using ssToExcel or ssExcelPivot classes now on my forms will somewhat break the look of my recent GUI designs.

So what I do in case I need ssToExcel or ssExcelPivot class' (from ssClasses) powers on my form is to turn its Visible property to .F., drop and use ButtonX (from ssUltimate) and on its click event put something like this:


That is because the real codes for exporting data into excel still resides in those invisible classes.  And that is how I was able to harness the powers of those classes without breaking the looks of my recent GUI designs.

You can do the same, say you are using the native commandbutton or commandgroup objects, or classes by other contributors like Bernard Bout, to combine those classes or native objects and tap onto my classes, the invisible way.

And of course, as the title of this blog says "Working on Invisible Objects", this trick can be done not only on my classes but on almost anything.  Invisible objects still functions, you should know by now.

Hope this gives you another idea.

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