Thursday, January 29, 2015

TitleBarX Class

* Updates February 2, 2015

Added NoMax property to hide Max Button.  This should not be confused with _noMax property which simply disables the max button

Added NoMin property to hide Minimum Button

Added 3 shapes at the bottom to give an illusion of a gradient bottom border.  Although GDI+X is good for gradient, I want my classes to not be dependent of an external file like an .app.  Maybe in the future I may change decision or not

Added Form Pinning capability on Controlbox section.  When it is pinned, the pin icon will turn into red and you won't be able to move the form.  To unpin, click on it again

Removed the date and showed instead plain time().  Made it bigger

Added _shade method.  That is what you can use to get a different shade of the current color you  pick for other objects in the form (using _SwapColor Method).  So now you can implement color themes with variying shades not only on the class itself but on any objects you wish.  Here is how it looks like


Here is the latest among my toys which is part of ssUltimate class.  This new TitleBar class is very unique against what is already around the web

What makes this unique?

Well for one, I can say this is unique in the sense that this allows users to change color of the titlebar class on-the-ply, and retain it.

It allows two captions, One Main and one sub

It has a built-in unique dropdown color picker

The control box is a series of shapes so it is cleaner

Embedded a cool looking mouse pointer inside

This is my first release of this class.  I will add some more features in the future

Especial thanks to Cesar Chalom for the function to convert colors he posted on Weblogs which allows me to calculate the shades I want for lower shape, border and controlbox:

Especial thanks to Cesar Chalom and Cetin Basoz for the color picking sample:

How to use this class

  • Drop into your form
  • Change MainCaption property.  If you leave it blank, it will pick-up the caption of the form
  • Add a sub-caption (optional)
  • You can toggle showing Clock ON and OFF via NoClock property (default is .F.)
  • You can toggle The glow effect on Captions into ON and OFF via NoGlow property (default is .F.)
  • You can make it look flat via the FlatLook property (default is .F.)
  • When Dropdown Picker is open, these are the actions you can do:
    • Move around the mouse pointer on the palette to pick a color.  Those will be reflected back on the class itself (titlebar, controlbox, border, shade)
    • Click on a color to stop picking.  Click again to resume picking
    • Change shade of selected color via the spinner object
    • Click outside to finalize and hide the palette form
  • Allowed developer to use the class BackColor to change color of other objects on the form on the ply as well.  Later I will add the capability to control shades of those.

I did enjoyed working on this these last few days causing me to temporarily abandon enhancements on xBox class and I hope you will find this not only useful but enjoyable as well.  Cheers!

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