Tuesday, July 7, 2015

ExcelPivot (ssUltimate)

I was not with the habit of creating changelogs on my classes but I started lately doing that.  So my subscribers will know what those are without me trying to explain each.

Well the major enhancements with this over the previous revisions are:

  • Faster - by cleaning up further the codes and looking for ways to speed this up further, this now generates Excel Pivot reports by 20% faster as before
  • Added _RepeatLabels property
  • Ensured that Excel output will show as Maximized
  • Added Arrows to quickly clear previous selections (Filters, Rows, Values and Columns)
  • Added option to show or hide Grid Lines on Excel sheet
  • There are more which I failed to log before
  • Bonus to Subscribers, a sample showing how to use additional automation for this class

Difference vs ssExcelPivot?
  • Used native VFP commandbutton 
  • Used SwitchX for better appearance instead of ssSwitch
  • Used OptionSwitchX for better appearance than ssOptionSwitch
  • Added Miscellaneous section that allows user to interactively change some properties.  
  • More options than ssExcelPivot
  • Added Show/Hide Grand Total capability 
  • Added ToolTips on all SwitchX and OptionSwitchX to make things more informative
  • Cleaner Popup Form
What is this Class?
Briefly, it is designed to allow developer to create any valid pivot report of their choosing from either a table or cursor straight into Excel; even without a single knowledge on Excel automation. As long as you know how to create a cursor, then you are done.

This class allows developer to set a fixed report as can be seen here.  Those are the default arrangements and fields I set for that specific report; via codes.  However, interactively, any user can still change the pivot report by dragging and dropping fields onto their respective section such as columns, values, rows and filters; before sending those over to excel.

What they cannot do interactively here is word-wrapping which I retain purely via codes for memo fields converted into character type (Excel do not accept a memo field).  Word wrapping is done by suffixing the field with colon and the width, e.g., Remarks:30, meaning Field Remarks will be of 30 width inside an excel cell and if content is long, it will be word-wrapped.

Anyway, just check the old ssExcelPivot posts if you are curious as to what others this class can do.


  1. Hi Jun,
    Can we buy your good VFP class for small VFP developer?

  2. When you have the classes for sale?

  3. Hi guys,

    Sorry for a late reply. Been on holiday. Please email me at ss.classes.jun [at] gmail.com

  4. Hola Jun: Buenas noches, primero para felicitar por tu trabajo el cual es de mucha ayuda para los nuevos que ingresamos a VFP.
    Por otro lado dime donde se pueden bajar las clases? quiero bajar la ExcelPivot.
    Lucho Montero.
    Lima - Perú


    1. ¡Hola gracias! Hay dos bibliotecas que he creado. Uno es ssClasses bajo Github que es gratis y el otro que estás viendo aquí es ssUltimate que son mejores de muchas maneras y tiene entonces nuevas clases que no se encuentran en ssClasses. Sin embargo, ssClasses no es gratis, tiene que estar entre mis suscriptores para obtenerlo (consulte el enlace What's on ssUltimate Library en la parte superior derecha y haga clic en el botón Suscribirse). Viene con el proyecto de demostración y los códigos fuente completos que están destinados a ayudar a un desarrollador de VFP aprender algunas maneras de cómo crear algo así. ¡Aclamaciones!