Friday, October 30, 2015

xBox October 2015 release

Its been a long time that I have not done any intensive developing but last week I decided to try to resume my mood on it.  Finally, yesterday my mood somewhat returned and so after a long time, I decided to adjust xBox class which really needs an overhaul.

Here now are the new features for this release:

Introduced _HighlightKey  Property

.T. (Default) = will highlight the keys you've pressed so far.  Good for dropdown feature (see images)

I decided to have this as an extra guide for users to know what keys they have pressed so far.

.F. = will highlight suggestions for quickfill.  Good for without dropdown

Introduced _PlainBox Property

If you will be using xBox just because of its look (curvature and markers) without any quickfill suggestion or dropdown feature, then set this as .T..  Default is .F.

Miscellanous Enhancements

Well, I've made some clean-ups on codes such as relocating all the WinAPI declarations so it will be declared only once instead of repeatedly re-declaring those on the popup/dropdown grid.  Centralized as well the highlighting capability of the class.

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