Wednesday, April 13, 2016


This is the counterpart of ssToExcel2 of ssClasses.  

Unlike ExcelPivot, this one simply transfers your cursor/table into excel with added formats, titles, etc.  An example is a ledger as shown at the bottom hereof

New properties

  • _PaperSize (1 = letter (Default), 3 = tabloid, 4 = ledger, 5= legal, 7 = executive, 8 = A3, 9 = A4, 11 = A5, 66 = A2, 119 = 11x17 size)
  • _MarginLeft, _MarginRight, _MarginTop, _MarginBottom (all Defaults to 1 inch)
  • _WithFooter (Default is .F.)
  • _Orientation (1 = Portrait (Default), 2 = Landscape)
  • _scaling (For zooming of sheet, default is 100)
  • _isProper = to turn the field names into PROPER() (Default or .T.) or UPPER() (.F.)
  • Added Progressbar (ProgBarX class)
  • Replaced Default body font from Tahoma to Calibri
  • Cleaned codes, speed up automation a bit
Shown below is what I meant by exporting cursor result to excel using this class on a spreadsheet with added features. Please note that with this class, it us entirely possible to do that even when you have zero automation knowledge.

Available only to ssUltimate subscribers.

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