Monday, October 31, 2016


Sorry, this is not about software developing.  I just wanted to create this entry here for my latest hobby which is pencil drawings.

When I was young (in elementary and highschool), I used to draw using a ballpen.  Then I stopped as my focus went elsewhere.  That was 29 years ago.

Last month, for whatever reason I decided to see if my hands are still there.  So I ordered a pastel color pencil in ebay and started making some sketches where immediately after completion, I posted it on my wall.  And while I deem my output as elementary, my friends say they love those.

Since I realize I don't have the patience required of a real artist as I want to draw and finish whatever I am working within just a few hours, I put aside my pastel (I realize that requires patience) and  I decided to work on pure pencils as making shadows there are easier.  While I do not have the proper grades (I lack 7b, 8b and 9b for darker ones), my friends also loved those as well so they started requesting I draw them.  And I did.

One time I decided to draw my departed brother.  Heck if I can take time to draw my friends, I will spend time to draw my loved ones too.  I have to draw him twice before I believe I got an acceptable output.  Today I decided to see how it will look like when in color.... so Photoshop color layering.  Below is the source pencil and photoshop output

Well I think I have done good here.

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