Wednesday, November 30, 2016

RTF Keyword Highlighting

In 2009 I started playing with an RTF control and I created one organizer for my own need to store articles and any other useful info I can find in the web for later offline reading and reference.  I decided to do that because most of the time we don't have good internet here.

Well I was reworking the previous days on that old DevOrg app which consisted of a treeview and an RTF activeX controls as I decided to finally give it a filtering capability, insertion of image with rescaling and quality reduction, reworking the icon panel to look like a ribbon, etc.; and along the way, I thought of allowing it to highlight the words I typed to filter the threads and nodes of treeview.  So I can see outright where those are, like this:

The trick is to work behind the scene on its RTF codes. Here is the method I created for that:

*_HighLight Method

Lparameters cWord
LOCAL lcTable
lcTable = thisform._currenttable
   * Insert highlight color
   lcRTFSource = Strtran(rtftext,'}}','}}'+Chr(13)+'{\colortbl ;\red0\green255\blue0;}')
   * Add new highlightings.  Check proper, small, all caps
   lcRTFSource = Strtran(m.lcRTFSource,m.cWord,'\highlight1 '+m.cWord+'\highlight0 ')
   lcRTFSource = Strtran(m.lcRTFSource,Upper(m.cWord),'\highlight1 '+Upper(m.cWord)+'\highlight0 ')
   lcRTFSource = Strtran(m.lcRTFSource,Lower(m.cWord),'\highlight1 '+Lower(m.cWord)+'\highlight0 ')
   lcRTFSource = Strtran(m.lcRTFSource,Proper(m.cWord),'\highlight1 '+Proper(m.cWord)+'\highlight0 ')
   Thisform.corTF.olerTF.textRTF = rtftext

If you notice, I have used three (3) possible cases, i.e., UPPER(), LOWER() and PROPER().  The problem is I can't force the RTF codes to any of these cases alone to ensure I can highlight everything as that will also affect the output.  So say I filter threads for entries with the word "javascript", then it can find and highlight words with javascript, JAVASCRIPT and Javascript.  But not JavaScript.

While I can instruct it with another function/method to look for any other transmutation of the word like JavaScript, JAvascript, jaVaScript, etc., I think that is an overkill for this simple need of mine.

So anyway, I am just showing here the trick on how to achieve that in case you use and RTF tool on your end and wanted to have the same on your end.  Cheers!

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