Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You may ask me, why have I created yet another title bar class again?  And the answer is because I want to give more to the users.

All my previous title bar class are dependent of images I designed using Adobe Photoshop and though those looks good per my own taste, creating yet another look or simply just colors takes time.  And so I want to get out of that bond I inadvertently created for myself, therefore ssTitleBar2.

What has this new titlebar class has to offer that those previous ones can't?

  • Less Images - This new class is designed mostly using native VFP shapes and are positioned properly to give it a good look.  The shapes are the whole titlebar component itself including the control box.  Now it is easier for me to create new themes and color, whenever the mood hits me.
  •  Additional objects
    • Another subclass in the appearance of a printer icon is created so users can switch their default OS printer on the ply (optionally shown)
    • Time is optionally shown
    • ssChkBox is embedded to allow movement of the form or not (optionally shown)
  • Resizable - Whereas the old titlebar classes cannot be resized when the lShowBorder parameter is set to .T., this one now can.  In addition, borderline is now better looking
Here is an image of this class:

One major improvement of ssClasses this week is the creation of ssColors which will allow me to make new color combinations that will affect all my sub-classes that needs it.  Like I said, creating new themes and colors next time will be easier (because of ssColors).  Not to mention that ssSkinner is also using this so you can extend color-theming on the ply even to native VFP objects much easier.


  1. Thank you Ginko. That is well appreciated.

  2. hi mr jun, can u give me the your picture title bar.. :D

  3. Sahat, click on the "ssClasses Library now in VFPx" blog on the popular posts on the right side of this site and download ssClasses library I shared on CodePlex. It has all of those including the images you want ;)

  4. Man U are smart, thanks for your contribution and help Ernesto