Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ssClasses Showroom

Just thought it would be better to show some forms I have with me that were under ssClasses.  I will post here one form at a time, depending on the availability of my time.

Forms will be shown small to fit the blog column.  To see those in real sizes, just click on an image.   If it is not yet on its full size, right-click and choose View then once it is onto that view, you can zoom it in to full size.

Tale of the Ugly Duckling:

Here are some of my forms:

a.  Using ssTitleBar - Theme 3, ssContainers 1 & 2, ssButton4, ssSwitch Theme 5, ssToExcel2, ssGridLock and ssEditBox:

b.  Using ssClose, ssContainer3, ssButton3, ssGridSorter and Ony Too's DatePicker:

c.  Using ssClose ssOptSwitch, ssButton3, ssContainer2, ssGridLock and ssToExcel classes.

Adjusted the above yesterday to include ssToExcel2 and Theme5 of ssOptSwitch.  Here it is again for comparison:

Here is my Easy ID Creator Module (6 possible colors) using ssTitleBar2:

My Request Encoding Module using ssClose, ssButton 3 & 4, ssContainer2, ssGridLock, ssAnchorSizer, ssEditBox, and ssOptSwitch

Purchase Order History

--- Will add other images soon --- 

Note:  You can view these images on their real sizes via clicking on it, then right-click - View Image, then you can zoom in further if you like to reach 100% size.

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