Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well, though I am already happy with ssContainer 1 to 3, there are times that I still thought of new designs or looks for my app as well as for my subscribers.  Introducing ssContainer4, a container that absolutely have no graphic images.  This is all shapes where Polypoints are manipulated.

This new class comes with 6 colors at the moment.  Here are the parameters:

1. cCaption = is the caption of the title bar of container
2. nColor = is numeric values of 1 to 6 at the moment
3. lEmboss = Logical value of .T. or .F. to give it an Emboss effect
4. l3DEffect = Logical value of .T. or .F. to give it an 3D effect
5. lBackColor = Logical value of .T. or .F. for inside color. .F.(default) gives white inside.

I will show how it looks like one by one:

Check ssClasses complete listings (actually that is not the complete lists because I cannot find time to create a writeup of others included in _sandstorm36 class which is likewise given to subscribers).  Enjoy!

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