Saturday, June 16, 2012

Block Breaker Tool

I have been converting image files into HexBinary values, manually breaking those into acceptable blocks and enclosing those with TEXT... ENDTEXT, then finally embedding the codes within ssClasses.  The purpose of that is so I can make my library self-sustaining for its images need. 

I wanted the codes to be embedded inside because I want better control of the class and of course to minimize the unnecessary maintenance which will not be possible should I save those binary values inside a table or a text file; and ship those along with _ssclasses library.  Those outside files will be prone to content alteration and with binary values, a single character changed will mean inability to convert the images back properly later.

Not to mention that when I ship the library, I only wanted to ship these two files:


and nothing else.

I have been using WinHex before until I got hit by Sality virus where I lost the tool along with a simple reformatting I have made as I do not have time to troubleshoot.  So I decided to create my own tool that can automate all these processes and that resulted to ssGetHex.  However, there are holes on that one so to speak and among the good things pointed to me inside the forum is the better usage of STRCONV() as advised by Cetin Bazos plus the Base64 Binary type as advised by Tom Sadul which is far more shorter than the HexBinary I am using before.  So in the end I simply decided to have the choice between HexBinary and Base64 Binary values.

With this tool, I am no longer worried about the additional task of breaking the binary blocks into acceptable lengths plus the other manual things I do before.  All I focus now for my library, is creating beautiful themes using photoshop and that is it.  Soon, I will post new themes for ssOptSwitch, ssSwitch, and ssPolyClock; which I have converted, broken and embedded inside the class using this tool.

If you are interested and is planning to do the same as I do on your end, then get the tool from here: