Monday, June 25, 2012

ssClasses Update

ssGridSorter Enhancement

I realized that it is annoying for the users of ssGridSorter that it kept on toggling back and forth from ASCENDING to DESCENDING every time they click a header.  So I decided to remove that auto-toggling.

The class will run from now on by default in ASCENDING order and users can click any header of the grid (excluding those with .controlsource of General, Memo and Blob) and they will all have that order (it won't auto-toggle anymore).  To toggle the order, users now need to right-click on any header.  So if the current order is ASCENDING, right-clicking on any header will turn the order into DESCENDING; and vice-versa.  Once it is on DESCENDING order, user can click (left-click of course) on any header of the grid's column and that current sort order will be followed.  To toggle, right-click again.

I also added the necessary tooltip text to guide the users.

ssExcel Pivot

a.  Changed the default font from Arial 10 to Calibri 8.
b.  Added the ability to change the font to be used. This._font = 'Calibri-10'
c.  Added row freezing

d.  I forgot if I have added this just lately or even before, i.e., word-wrapping on columns with longer details like remarks (coming from Memo field).  Just type colon after the field you want to wordwrap followed by width, e.g.:

This._rows = 'Date-1,Product,Remarks:30'


Date will be summed (-1)
Product has no computation
Remarks will be wordwrapped with width 30


a.  Added looping of color ability.  So when the spinner hits the last color, it goes back to first; and vice versa.


a.  Added looping ability.  Left click moves forward, right click moves backward
b.  Added 4 new clock faces

ssSwitch and ssOptSwitch

a.  added new themes and change some old ones.  Total themes now are 12 (see image above).

Some more adjustments

MK Sharma has made some enhancements both on ssButton2 and ssTitlebar.  Those enhancements are also now incorporated within the library.


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