Thursday, January 17, 2013

ssPolyClock on Alpha 3.0

What's New:
  1. Created clockimgs custom class.  This now handles the themes and images
  2. Added Theme No. 3 (Metal Skins) created by Dayll Bautista.   
  3. Removed all previous skins I created before.  I changed this now into New Classic Theme (Theme 1)
  4. Changed Skins Extraction to be based only on the currently selected theme.  
  5. Will extract a skin only when is not there.  
  6. Cleaner and smaller images.  All images are now in PNG format
  7. To make things uniform, every theme now only has 7 skins
Before the class automatically overwrites a skin file on every form run.  The decision to make it like that is because I do not want someone bugging me about why their clock still looks the same despite an update has been downloaded where I have to explain that that  is because the specific skin's name is found and so extracting is skipped.

Now though, I decided to extract only when a skin file is not there.  So if you have encountered a problem of still getting the old looks, then go to local user's temp folder, look for clocks folder and delete all skins (.skz).  As simple as that!

Here is Metal Skins (Theme 3) - New!!!

And the previous Web Style Stripped Skins (Theme 2)

Plus the New Classic Skins (Theme 1)

Bonus:  To make things more alluring, I made Skins 7 & 8 of New Classic Skins glass-like.



  1. HOla, es posible colocar el ssPolyClock en _screen y no en un formulario ?. intenté hacerlo pero no he podido. muchas gracias.

  2. Dear sir,may I know how to get the updated version of ssclasses.pls reply me at