Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thor, a must have Tool!

Thor is a tool developed and shared to us by Jim Nelson to manage add-on "other" tools in VFP IDE.  Tools such as ssClasses library, IntellisenseX, GoFish, FoxCodePlus, PEM Editor; to name a few.  Among the features of Thor is it acts as a repository of the abovementioned (and not mentioned) tools.

How does having Thor Tool in your unit advantageous to you?

Normally, an update to a certain tool is announced like what I do with ssClasses.  However, you might not have the time to come here every now and then just to check for such announcements and so an update of ssClasses library may go unnoticed on your end until such time you accidentally know of it by visiting this site, reading it inside Foxite forum or going to my VFPx home page.  And so are the great tools shared to us by others because most of us maintain our own site like GoFish, FoxChart, DynamicForms and other more.  And it is tedious to go to each of the independent sites just to check if an update has been made over a certain tool.

Enter Thor Update to the rescue.

What this will do is check for you if an update is available on all the tools that is part of repository, in a single click of a button. The result of the check will be shown as follows:

Needless to say, whenever I do an update on ssClasses, then the tool itself (once you click Check for Updates) can tell you of that and can download the update for you even without you checking this site, foxite forum or my VFPX home page.

There are other more cool things Thor can do for you like:

  • Declare missing LOCAL variables for you
  • Add missing MDOTs for you
  • Auto-check updates for you at interval days
  • Auto-extract the downloaded zip file for you

To learn more about other things this wonderful tool can do for you, please visit:  Thor Homepage

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