Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hide/Unhide Grid Columns

This is actually per request of my very first subscriber MK Sharma.  So he was looking for a tool to hide/unhide grid columns on-the-ply that he asked me if this can be incorporated on the ssUltimate library.   I said okay I will look into it but I was busy with simultaneous projects these days that I kept shoving it at the back of my mind.

Finally I became a bit free of my workload and so I decided to work on this one today.  I did not realize adding this feature will not require a lot of my time that I kept unnecessarily putting this request on hold thinking I will do it later when I am free, which happens today; as it is hard to concentrate on extra things when you are already working on 3 projects simultaneously.

Anyway, that feature now is part of GridSortLock class.  So this means said class can now Sort, Lock and Hide/Unhide columns of the grid.  Here are some images of it:

If you notice, the Hide option becomes disabled the moment the class detects that there is only one remaining visible column in the grid.  That is by design as the class fires at a header click/right-click so I need to retain one for the popup selection to be shown.

Moreover, I changed the sort icon to a simpler one again.  In the end, I find the current sort order harder to distinguish in the previous icon I used so that blue one now.

One more reason to subscribe to ssUltimate library, don't you think?  

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