Friday, June 2, 2017

grdSortLock - Some More...

After adding the capability to hide and unhide column(s) yesterday, I decided to add some more features for this.  I can edit yesterday's post but then those who read it already may not be aware of the additional changes I made after that as they may no longer revisit that other post  so this new post.  Here are what is new (again) on this class:

1.  Cleaner arrow icons representing sort order.  Also I realized some plain users may get confused with the terms Sort Ascending or Sort Descending  so those are replaced with simple terms which are Order Up and Order Down

2.  Added now the locked icons if  a column is locked as additional visual guide.  So here is how it will look like now with locks implemented

3.  Added other more visual Toggling for RecordMark, Theme, GridLines, ScrollBars and Views. It means your users now can change those on-the-ply based on their taste

As for Views, this allows you to change something like this

Into this:

But while those other toggling are cool to give users a chance to change the looks of the grid based on their taste, those are half-baked so to speak being those are not retained by the class right now.  So when I have another more extra time, I will give this class that capability to remember a grid's last settings, per machine, so a user can personalize their grids and keep those preferences.

Well that is all for now! Cheers!


  1. Great class ans great modifications as this can be, a better way to understand the idea of sorting thanks