Thursday, May 3, 2018

Enhanced ImageCapture (an Imaging Capturing Tool)

I am currently working on a new project where I needed to capture images again for the Sellers to be used on their ID and on forms, so I fished out ImageCapture.prg which Gelson L. Bremm shared to us:

But this time I decided to attempt to enhance it for my needs so I changed some approaches and used GDIPlus-X for the saving of the image instead of the original approach he has implemented.  Doing so, I was able to cut around 60% of the original codes too.   Check this for GDIPlus-X: in case you needed to download it.

Likewise incorporated here is a simple trick on form nudging capability so you can use the keyboard arrows to position the capture form which is easier than purely using mouse.  Also, when you adjust the form width and height, there is no need for you to worry adjusting the capture coordinates as well as that will also auto-adjust based on both form height and width set.

Here is the enhanced version of that:

* Enhanced version of ImageCapture.prg (May 3, 2018)
* Original Developer:  German L. Bremm

Lparameters toObject, cFileOutput
Public gToObject, gcFileOutput
gToObject = m.toObject
gcFileOutput = m.cFileOutput

Public oCapturaImg
oCapturaImg = Createobject("ImgCapture")

Define Class ImgCapture As Form
      Name = "ImgCapture"
      Height = 332
      Width = 300
      AutoCenter = .T.
      Caption = "Position over the Image you want to Capture"
      MaxButton = .F.
      MinButton = .F.
      AlwaysOnTop = .T.
      ShowWindow = 2
      BorderStyle = 0
      BackColor = Rgb(60,60,60)
      _nBorder = Sysmetric(10)
      _nTitleBarHeight = Sysmetric(9)
      _nFormWidth = 0
      _nFormHeight = 0

      Add Object cmdSnap As CommandButton With;
            Height = 28,;
            Caption = '\<Grab Image',;
            Width = 142,;
            Left = 5,;
            FontName = 'Arial',;
            FontSize = 14,;
            FontBold = .T.

      Procedure Init
            Declare Integer CombineRgn In "GDI32" Integer hDestRgn, Integer hRgn1, Integer hRgn2, Integer nMode
            Declare Integer CreateRectRgn In "GDI32" Integer X1, Integer Y1, Integer X2, Integer Y2
            Declare Integer SetWindowRgn In "user32" Integer HWnd, Integer hRgn, Integer nRedraw

      Procedure Resize
            With This
                  .cmdSnap.Left = .Width-.cmdSnap.Width-4
                  .cmdSnap.Top = .Height-.cmdSnap.Height-5
                  .cmdSnap.Tag = Allt(Str(.cmdSnap.Left))

      Procedure SetTransparent
            Local lnInnerRgn, lnOuterRgn, lnRgnHandle
            With This
                  ._nFormWidth = .Width + (._nBorder * 2)
                  ._nFormHeight = .Height + ._nTitleBarHeight + ._nBorder
                  lnOuterRgn = CreateRectRgn(2, 2, ._nFormWidth+2, ._nFormHeight+2)
                  lnInnerRgn = CreateRectRgn(._nBorder+6,._nTitleBarHeight+8,._nFormWidth-._nBorder-4,._nFormHeight-._nBorder-34)
                  lnRgnHandle= CreateRectRgn(0, 0, 0, 0)
                  CombineRgn(m.lnRgnHandle, m.lnOuterRgn, m.lnInnerRgn, 4) 
                  SetWindowRgn(.HWnd , m.lnRgnHandle, .T.)
                  .BorderStyle = 1

      Procedure CopyToFile
            Do Locfile("")
            Local locapturebmp As xfcbitmap, lcImage
            lcImage = m.gcFileOutput
            If Empty(m.lcImage)
                  lcImage = Getpict("png")
            Clear Resources
            With _Screen.System.drawing
                  * Coordinates are X, Y, Width and Height
                  locapturebmp = .Bitmap.fromscreen(Thisform.HWnd,;
                  locapturebmp.Save(m.lcImage, .imaging.imageformat.png,.imaging.imageformat.png)
            * Update target Image object
            gToObject.Picture = m.lcImage
            CLEAR RESOURCES m.lcImage

      Procedure KeyPress
            Lparameters nKeyCode, nShiftAltCtrl
            * Use Keyboard arrows to nudge frame
            Do Case
            Case m.nKeyCode = 24  && move down
                  Thisform.Top = Thisform.Top + 1
            Case m.nKeyCode = 5  && move up
                  Thisform.Top = Thisform.Top - 1
            Case m.nKeyCode = 19  && move left
                  Thisform.Left = Thisform.Left - 1
            Case m.nKeyCode = 4  && move right
                  Thisform.Left = Thisform.Left + 1

      Procedure cmdSnap.Click
            This.BackColor = Rgb(255,0,0)
            This.Caption = 'Capturing...'

      Procedure Destroy
            oCapturaImg = Null
            gToObject = Null
            gcFileOutput = Null
            Release oCapturaImg
            Release gToObject
            Release gcFileOutput
            Release CombineRgn
            Release CreateRectRgn
            Release SetWindowRgn

If you notice, I am passing two parameters.  First parameter is the image object to show the result of the capturing and the second one is the fullpath and name of the file to be saved.  Calling it is like this:

Do Form snagface With thisform.Image1, csrGrid.sellerid

So I can call that from anywhere on my form and immediately after grabbing an image, it gets displayed on an Image object.  And here is how it looks like (using my favorite cat as the model):

Darn, I really love that cat's expression.  Always makes me smile. :)

Special thanks to both Gelson L. Bremm and Cesar Chalom for this and other tools Cesar has shared to us.

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