Tuesday, May 1, 2018

ssUltimate May 1, 2018 release

DtPickerx. DtPeriod

Per request of one subscriber (Patrick Bibro)

1.  Added _ShowNotes property. When this is set to .F., the adding of notes will be disabled as well as the colored shapes below the calendar will disappear

2.  Added capability to change the time portion by typing on the textbox itself when nLevel is 3.  Now aside from capability to scroll the time, you can type direct on the textbox and change time without the need to show dropdown calendar section.


1.  Fixed bug on lower versions of excel on Header Styles (works okay on Excel 2016 64-bit but have not checked on lower versions, as notified to me by Ugur Yilmaz) 

2.  Adjusted numeric formatting and decimal precision to a better approach with the help of our friend Ugur Yilmaz.

3.  Added a new property _isNegative:
  - .F., default, negative numbers will be enclosed with open and close parenthesis, e.g., (900.00)

  - .T., negative will be shown instead, e.g., -900.00

4.  Added _RedNegative.  Default is .T. so negative values will be colored in red.  Set it to .F. if you do not like this

5.  MK Sharma requested sub-totalling capability so these properties:

                a.  _SubTotalGroup = is the column number where you want for sub-total to be based on (grouping by).  E.g., 1
                b.  _SubTotalCols = is the columns where sub-total will be performed with comma as delimiter, e.g., 2,4 
                c.  _SubTotalForeColor = is the forecolor of the sub-totals
                d.  _SubTotalBackColor = is the backcolor of the sub-Totals

Special thanks to our friend Vilhem-Ion Praisach as I adopted his approach on tracing sub-totals via Formula value.

                Note that _subtotalgroup and _subtotalcols should not be empty.  If any one of those is empty, then sub-totalling will be ignored as sub-totals need both.

For a lack of better sample (and I have no time to prepare one), I just tested this to a borrower's statement on one of my apps; just so you can see about the sub-total and the new properties for negative values


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