Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zoom Outlook email message trick

I have learned a lot of things by reading and listening to others.  And there are some I learn by accident just like this one now.  Do you know we can zoom the outlook messages very easily?

I was just talking to my IT Support guy and at the same time trying to read an email, so I scrolled down using my mouse middle button but I suddenly realized I am zooming in and out instead of scrolling up or down.

The trick I later realized is because I am accidentally pressing Ctrl key while doing the scrolling using mouse middle button, because I wanted to do something before my mind was interrupted by my IT Support guy.  And as I was talking to him, I am playing with the mouse middle button as well, LOL!  Now I can read things clearer if I wanted to.

If you want to view it back to its accurate normal appearance, then just simply click on another message and click back onto that email message.


Belatedly I realized that that feature also works as well with any Office products plus web browsers.

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